Kindergarten Process Art

Warm Color 3D Collage

Kindergarteners learned about warm and cool colors and made a 3D collage based on the warm colors. If I were to teach this lesson and do a similar project again, I would give them warm colored papers for the base paper instead of white.


  • Create 3D collage
  • Identify/name the warm colors (pink, red, orange, yellow)


  • scrap papers
  • pom poms
  • yarn
  • tissue paper
  • glue

Lines and Beading Process Sculpture

Kindergarteners learned about what three-dimensional things look like and what a sculpture is. We spun in circles to see that we look different from all sides and we also looked at 3D objects to see how they take up space.


  • Create a sculpture using clay and pipecleaners
  • Practice fine motor skills by stringing beads onto pipecleaners
  • Explain what a sculpture is/how to make one


  • air dry clay
  • pipecleaners
  • beads

Shape Low Relief

Kindergarteners made low-relief artworks using foam shapes, burlap, felt, and cardboard shapes.


  • Create low relief shape artwork
  • Glue shapes to cardboard
  • Paint artwork