Professional Development

Maryland Art Education Association (MAEA) Conference 2021

Location & Date: The Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, Maryland, 10/15/2021


The Delaplaine Arts Center provided a tour of the facilities and galleries. One of the galleries exhibited work by artist Amanda McCavour, whose work is shown below:

After touring the building, art teachers were introduced to Blick’s Trash Landscapes lesson, and artworks were created using recycled/found objects.

I made samples of different artmaking processes using recycled/found objects (see top left picture). I also created a painting using lines (bottom left picture). In the painting process, I explored letting go and meditative painting.

Maryland Art Education Association (MAEA) Conference 2019

Location & Date: Watkins Mill High School, Gaithersburg Maryland, 10/19/2019

Workshops Attended:

  • Conversations with Colleagues: Pre-Service
  • Voice Matters: How artists/writers use the voice trait to express themselves
  • Breaking Boundaries Through Layering and Transparency

Description: The 2019 MAEA conference was about breaking barriers within the art classroom by being aware that students come from many different backgrounds and as an art educator, it is important to be an active and empathetic listener and consider others’ points of views. At one of the sessions I attended, I met fellow pre-service art teachers and we discussed our experiences in the art classroom. The Voice Matters session focused primarily on arts integration in reading comprehension and writing, and how art can be used to teach writing traits, especially for students who may have difficulty reading and writing. I also attended a workshop in which the possibilities of layers – layering with collage, transparent papers, plastic, and decollage to show different elements of life, memories, and emotions – in the art classroom were explored.

Above – Examples of layering different materials