Teaching Philosophy

Students working on mandalas
Student example from Pop Pictures lesson
Student example from Plastic Bag Weaving lesson

As an art teacher, I strive to give students the opportunity to express their individuality and creativity through art. I develop lessons that allow students to think about the world and art in different ways and to connect their art with what they want to express about themselves or the world. I also hope to provide students with skills and tools to express their emotions and reflect on the world through artmaking.

The curriculum I develop focuses on the elements and principles of art and exploration of materials, processes, and ideas. I believe it is important for students to have a foundation in the technical components of artmaking as well as the creative, expressive, and conceptual parts of making art. With every lesson I teach, I hope to provide students with freedom of choice, whether it be in material, subject matter, or message, and opportunities for expression and creativity.

I also focus on developing a sense of community within the classroom and making sure every student feels safe and welcome and comfortable asking questions. I hope to create a positive environment where different opinions and points of views are encouraged and where students have the freedom to create and explore different ideas and art media. I also hope to build an artistic environment within both the school and surrounding community by encouraging students to visit local art galleries, museums, and to participate in art fairs/events, face-painting at fairs, and local artmaking workshops.