Inktober 2018 – Day 8, 9, & 10

This week has been super busy because I have been trying to finish all my studio work before fall break.  I painted the majority of the day yesterday, and today I spent the whole day in the printmaking studio working on my intaglio etching project. I finally had time to write a blog post today since I did not have class. Here is a recap of the Inktober days that I missed:

On Inktober Day 8, I spent the whole day working on my design and then scratching my design into the copper plate. I drew the main component of my design on a piece of paper and then did a graphite transfer drawing onto my copper plate.

sketch for my copper plate

On Inktober Day 9, I did nothing. Well, I did do things I just didn’t have time to do Inktober; I had class all day and no time to draw. I still wanted to do a drawing for the prompt (precious), so I did a drawing today to make up for missing yesterday. I drew this from a photo that I took when I was a relatively young kid.

childhood is precious

On Inktober Day 10, today, I worked on making prints using the printing press. Honestly, I am not very happy with how my prints turned out because I don’t like my design, but I don’t have time to change it so I have to stick with it. I had a difficult time with coming up with a design for this project because I had so many ideas that I couldn’t commit to just one. The objective for this assignment is to create prints (using etching intaglio process) related to the theme of memory.

one of my prints (oops, the photograph quality is awful)

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