DIY Woven Tapestry Earrings

I made this pair of woven tapestry earrings using embroidery thread, yarn, pieces from a wooden skewer stick, thread, and fishhook earrings.

How I Made My Earrings:

  1. First, I cut off 2 4 cm pieces from a wooden skewer stick. I tied thread onto each side of the stick. I slid a crimping bead onto the loop, and then attached the earring hooks to the thread loop. I crimped each bead in place below the hook.
  2. Then, I taped down both my earring hooks to a board and cut out 12 pieces of embroidery thread measuring about 11cm in length.
  3. I tied each thread onto the stick, knotting it once in the center, until all the threads were attached.
  4. I smoothed out the threads so they laid flat and even on the board, and then…
  5. …I taped the ends of the threads onto the board
  6. Then I began weaving. I threaded a piece of embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle and went under, over, under, over, etc. until I made it to the end of the row.
  7. I wove a few more rows using the purple embroidery thread.
  8. Then I switched threads and added a chunkier yarn to give the weaving more texture and dimension
  9. When I finished weaving, I tied off the end of the yarn and trimmed the ends of the weaving so all the threads were an even length.

My Earrings:

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