Art Critiques & Reflecting on Art

These are some of the different ways students can reflect on their own art and respond to their peers’ art.

  1. Post-it Note Critique (Padlet is a great virtual option)
    • Have students pair up. Give each student 2 post-it notes.
    • Allow students time to look at the other person’s artwork. Then, have students write the components they believe are successful on one post-it note, and something that could be improved on the other post-it note.
  2. Gallery Walk
    • Tell students to lay their artwork out on their tables and push in their chairs.
    • Next, allow students to walk around the classroom looking at everyone else’s work.
    • Once everyone has returned to their seats, ask the students which works stood out to them and why. Ask questions related to the assignment, such as which work used movement well?
  3. Traditional Studio Critique
    • Have students put their artwork up on the wall. Talk about one artwork at a time, encouraging students to comment on the artwork’s formal qualities (elements and principles) and also the content of the artwork (interpretations, meaning, analysis).
    • For the first critique, hand out a worksheet on Feldman’s model of art criticism to help prompt student response.
  4. Traditional Critique with a Twist
    • Have students put their artwork on the wall just like a traditional critique. Then, have each student stand in front of an artwork that is not their own.
    • The student will then have to talk about the artwork and justify the choices made as if they made the artwork. Encourage students to have fun, be creative, and make up fun stories.
  5. Written Reflection
    • After students are finished with the assignment, have students reflect on their artwork and the process. Have 2-3 reflecting questions on a worksheet.

6. Critique Cards

  • Write different questions and ways of responding to art on index cards. During the critique, students draw a card and answer the question.

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