Lower Elementary Still Life Art

Lower elementary learned about still life art and created their own still life vase with paper crumpled flowers. Again, another lesson I wish I could do in person so we could paint and use tissue paper, but I love how they came out anyways.

Day 1

  • Warm-up – thumbs up or thumbs down – have you heard of still life art before?
  • Introduction to still life art
  • Still life freeze game – I showed students pictures of still life art/photography and some photos of animals or things that move, and students stayed frozen like a statue for still life images and moved around for non-still life images.
  • Introduction to Matisse – fauvism
  • Student independent work time

Day 2

  • Still life review
  • How to crumple paper to make flowers
  • Continue still life art
  • Gallery walk/artist statement

Student Art:

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