My Recent Sewing/Textile Projects: Art, A Bag, & A Quilt

Lately I’ve been really into sewing and making things with textiles, fibers, yarns, beads, and crafty supplies. I made this small fabric panel featuring a ton of scenes and ideas mashed together in one collage-like scrappy, crooked square.

untitled (i don’t know), fabric collage (embroidery thread, various fabrics, sequins, and a little clay star), ~17.5″ x 17.5″, 2021

Some close-up detail shots:

Patchwork Bag – I also made a patchwork flower bag inspired by a bag I saw on Pinterest. Here are some of my process pictures and my final product:

My Quilt – I worked on my quilt in February and March. It was my first quilt and it was a very fun process:

As I was finishing up my quilt, my mom showed me a quilt made by my great-grandmother where she had stitched in her name and the date, so I decided to do the same.

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