New School Year, New Classroom!

I was moved to a different classroom this year and at first I was disappointed because my classroom last year was awesome, but this classroom is also amazing! I spent a week unpacking materials, organizing, and setting up different art studios within my room.

My classroom is comprised of one main room and 4 smaller rooms which I’ve separated into studios (painting/printmaking studio, drawing/early finishers studio, paper/inspiration studio, and 3D/textile studio).

Before organizing/decorating:

After organizing/decorating:

Studio Rotations:

This past week was my second week with my classes, so to introduce my students to each of the studios, we did materials explorations by rotating groups through each studio. There were 4 tables of students, and each group of students spent about 5-6 minutes in each studio, exploring the materials that were laid out.


In the painting studio, students painted on a large piece of paper and also experimented with painting marks on smaller papers.


In the drawing studio, students used chalk pastels and oil pastels and experimented with smudging and drawing different things. When they finished their tiny artwork, they pinned it up on the board.


In the paper and inspiration studio, students flipped through magazines to find inspiring images and then taped them on the wall. They also could experiment with making a mini collage.


In the 3D/textile studio, students experimented with sewing lines into fabric and sculpting with modeling clay.

At the end of class, I asked students to share their favorite studio and why they liked it the best. This was a great way to introduce students to different art media and see which studios they enjoyed the most.

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