College Art – Freshman Year (Part 1)

I am currently a sophomore in college, and I just wanted to do a recap post of some of the art I made during my freshman year so I can see what I did in one place. So, here is some of the art I made last year:


3D Art


For 3D art, the first project was to make a cardboard cube which was very time intensive because the seams had to be smooth.

As difficult as that project was, I actually really enjoyed it. I never thought I could make something so cool from cardboard. Our other projects were working with making a supporting cardboard structure and accompanying performance, wood, then metal and welding, and finally anything.

For our final for 3D art, we had to make a website portfolio and write about each work, so if you’re interested in more in depth descriptions of each project, here is the link to that site –

2D Art

In 2D art, we learned some color theory, the principles/elements of art, and basic functions of Illustrator and Photoshop. We did a lot of collages in that class, and I honestly am very bad at collage so I am not happy with a lot of the work that I did in this class. Here is some of the less bad stuff I did:

Drawing 1

My other studio class first semester of freshman year was Drawing. We did a lot of experimental drawing.

Some of the things we did:

  • drawing with charcoal attached to the end of a long stick
  • tactile face drawing in which we closed our eyes and drew only by how our face felt
  • drawing with unconventional materials

Some of my art ( a lot of this was experimental ). We also worked on huge (~3ft – 5ft) pieces of paper in this class which was definitely new for me.

Drawing Panorama

My favorite project we did in drawing was the panorama drawing (the top drawing). I used ink and drew my dorm room all the way around and I think it turned out pretty cool. I also had to draw a lot quicker and less detailed than I did in the past because we worked on such large pieces of paper, and we didn’t have that much time to work on each assignment.

My other class first semester was a required freshman course; mine was philosophy. I actually did a ton of drawings in this class because I was so bored, but I don’t have any pictures and I threw away all my notes as soon as I was done with that class.

That is all I suppose, since I am tired, I will do a recap of freshman year second semester in another blog post.

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