College Art – Freshman Year (Part 2)

Hello again! Here is an overview of second semester of freshman year (to see first semester see previous post).

The classes I took were Art History (Renaissance to Revolution), Childhood Development (I am an art ed major), Visual Thinking, and 4D Art. The classes second semester were not studio classes, and I learned more about considering what art is and the different forms of art.

4D Art

I had no idea what to expect for this class because I had never heard of 4D art. We ended up learning about making videos and video editing and I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. I really enjoyed this class which I was not expecting because I am much more interested in creating physical pieces of art, like paintings and drawings.

The projects we did:

  • Performance Art
  • Making a Cinemagraph (a type of GIF)
Cinemagraph/ GIF, created using Photoshop, 2018
  • Sound and Image – I can’t add the video to this page, so here is an image I used in the video. The project was to use images from the Library of Congress website and combine the images with sound to create a cohesive video. Link to my video – The Flood

  • Time – Make a video about time! I made mine about memories and fragments of time in a day.

Time through Memories

thread title jpg official.jpg

  • Final – Interactive Art

For the final, I crocheted a giant rectangle and then hung it up in the critique room with a sign reading “pull the string”. Then, members from my class were able to pull the string and unravel the whole piece. At the end, all that was left was a giant pile of yarn.


We also went to the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York City, and the exhibits there were super cool! These are awful pictures, but that is all I have from the museum. The image on the left shows an interactive playground – when you touched the sensors or used the swings, sounds would play. The middle images are some sort of machine where you could press buttons and different things would project onto the wall. The image on the right is a playable wall guitar. It was a cool museum because you could play with most of the exhibits.

Visual Thinking

We had three main projects and a final for Visual Thinking:

1) Reframing an Object

I took a picture of my name written on a wall, and one of my signature on an official form. The signature took on a different meaning depending on where it was placed (wall – seems graffiti-like, official form is important).

Annika Marthinuss Assignment 1 Pic 1

2) Image of Power – I was in D.C. and saw this man yelling towards the White House, and the content of the image suggested a variety of different levels of power and hierarchy.

Annika Marthinuss Project 2 Image of Power.jpg

3) I don’t remember what the project was but I made a menu of all the unappealing food in my college dining hall.

Final – Go somewhere alone where you have never been before (get out of your comfort zone) and document your experience. I went to the gym because I had never been to the gym before. I don’t typically work out and I am very clumsy, so it was definitely an interesting experience. I didn’t know how to use the machines, so I just kind of awkwardly walked around pressing buttons. I did use some of the machines, but I don’t think I did it right because nothing happened when I pedaled.

I didn’t do any projects in my other two classes, so this is the end of the post!

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