Artsy Earrings

I decided I want to be like Ms. Frizzle. I had free time this weekend and started making earrings, and then I was inspired by Ms. Frizzle (from The Magic School Bus) to make earrings that match my lessons.

The earrings I made: Top row (from left to right): PCBs, Pom Poms, Cherries. Bottom row (from left to right): Still Life Vases, Strawberries, Wrapped Stones and Pom Poms

The pom pom earrings don’t really match with any of the lessons I’m planning, but I am teaching still life art to lower elementary this week so I can at least match with some of my lessons 🙂

Materials I used to make my earrings:

  • PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) – I found tiny printed circuit boards from inside an old speaker and from old phones (and my brothers helped me take apart the old technology and unsolder them). I added jump rings through each loop and a button and other electronic part above the PCBs, and then I added the earring pieces.
  • Pom Poms – I made two pom poms with different colors of embroidery thread. I used the excess thread and sewed on two smaller pom poms that were storebought.
  • Cherries – Green wires, embroidery thread, & felt
  • Still Life Vases – Green wires, felt, small chains
  • Strawberries – Felt, embroidery thread
  • Wrapped Stones and Pom Poms – stones, pink wire, embroidery thread

How I make pom poms:

  1. Cut out a small strip of cardboard.
  2. Wrap embroidery thread or yarn around the cardboard.
  3. Wrap until you have a thick amount of yarn to make a fluffy pom pom.
  4. Cut a smaller string out and put it aside.
  5. Slide the loop off of the cardboard.
  6. Place the loop of yarn on top of the string
  7. Tie a knot around the center of the loop.
  8. Tie another 2 or 3 knots around the center to make it secure.
  9. On one side of the knot, cut through the loops.
  10. Cut out the loops on the other side of the knot
  11. Trim excess yarn so the pom pom is even and fluff it up.

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